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Author Topic: Saviours of Greece  (Read 4154 times)


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Saviours of Greece
« on: 13. February 2010, 01:21:35 »

In Australia nearly every migrant group has enhanced the country in some way.
The Vietnamese bought life to dead suburbs by ignoring goverment restrictions on trade.
They opened shops and factories 7 days a week and as long as there was a customer availuble, they were open.
Greeks in Australia loved to build and clean up 100 years of grime and slums.
They opened Restaurants that did not close for dinner, they accepted the customer and his money with a smile.
Life & light flowed in the streets.

Maybe Eric from Kalymnos might teach something to someone in Greece?

Read Eric Letter taken from an Athenian website. Please translate in Greek and pass on.

All for one...

GREECE is such a beautiful place, offering many opportunities. I have lived here as a Dutch expat for five years and I like the country very much.
There is one thing that bothers me a lot, though.
I’m surprised that the Greek people, boasting a history of over 3,500 years, are so negative. I know we live in difficult times - but it is they who caused them. All the people, including myself, created this.
One thing they like to do is take, not give. They take money, land and more. But what about giving? They don’t like to make investments or to cooperate. They think it will come all by itself, providing they take enough.
How wrong! To have a nice and decent life or country, you must accord respect for both yourself and each other. Invest in a way forward as well as in decency. What is it called when people can only steal from each other and their own country? It is called corruption.
The farmers only want to take; so does the government;  your neighbour, you and I only want to take. And we all want more. But it’s about time some of us changed our mentality and start looking ahead. Only by changing ourselves can we hope to change the state of affairs.
Think before you act. We have to work together to make things better. A year ago I started my own business on an island: partly for my own benefit, of course, and much more for the benefit of the island and its tourists. 
It wasn’t a bad year. As a matter of fact, it was better than all the previous years. I invest in the future, whereas others don’t. They are stuck with tourism strategies of 25 years ago. Well, good luck to them. I look ahead and must say that future bodes well for me. I must admit that some of the locals have opened their eyes and are willing to work with me to achieve this goal.
To the rest of you I wish good luck.
Eric Maanders