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Author Topic: Looking for characters for a documentary film project  (Read 3629 times)


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Looking for characters for a documentary film project
« on: 24. August 2010, 17:45:44 »

Hi everybody,

We are three young filmmakers from Italy, Spain and Turkey who are going to shoot a documentary film about multilingualism  (language minorities vs. official language) in some countries from south and east Europe in September and October.
We are asking for the cooperation from locals from the cities in which we are going to film. You could help us find characters who would like to participate in the documentary and talk about this topic.
We are specially interested in immigrant communities (2nd, 3rd and older generations), bilingual people, children from bi-cultural families, ehtnical groups with minority languages or dialects, etc.
We want to show a wide view of the language spectrum and illustrate the connection to their original culture and their everyday life. We will like to approach their opinion about identity, homeland, discrimination, integration, difficulties in the everyday life, community, cultural background... and any other topics related that the people like to express.
This a brief idea of our project and we are open and flexible to the ideas of the characters involved.
We would be very thankful if you could give us some hints to locations where such groups of people meet in your city, or contact to people who might be interested to be interviewed.
If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to ask me.

This is our trip´s Schedule:

Torino, Italy (20-23 September)
Ljubljana, Slovenia (24-26 September)
Zagreb, Croatia (27-29 September)
Pécs, Hungary (30 September- 1 October)
Belgrade, Serbia (2-3 September)
Skopje, Macedonia (5-6 October)
Thessaloniki, Greece (7-8 October)
Istanbul, Turkey (10-15 October)

Any contact or information will be very helpfull.
Thank you in advance :)

Best wishes!

Léa, Tuğçe and Iris