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Author Topic: Read HERE first!  (Read 8445 times)

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Read HERE first!
« on: 17. August 2007, 17:18:45 »

Discussion rules / Netiquette on

Code of behaviour:

  • If you are new here, first take a look around and do not post straight on. If you have found these rules, nothing can actually go wrong.
  • If you like to start a new topic,  consider its best position. On the basis of the forumdescription decide in which child board you integrate it.
  • By using the search function, you can look for references in the entire forum. So you make sure, that no one has allready opened a similar discussion.
  • A clear title helps with the clarity and supports the comprehensibility. The topic should contain the subject matter of your post and not be only "question", "why?", "assistance!" or similar words.
  • Form and orthography are often neglected in the internet. Endeavor for a distinct structur and clear syntax with punctuation marks, breaks and also case sensitivity. A well developed contribution is easier to read and you will receive more answers.
  • Be nice to each other.
  • "please" and "thanks" pleases everyone. Have patience with beginners. Not everybody is a  forum professional. Here is no space for reproaches and offenses.


  • Spreading illegal, pornographic, extremistic, in copyright protected or in any way offensive contents (texts, links, fig. etc..) is strictly forbidden.
  • Talking about file sharing networks is not permitted.
  • For all your contributions in our forum you must have the copyrights. Please make sure, that no articles, prescriptions, song texts, pictures or other mental property may published without consent of the author. You take the responsibility for contents of your contributions. Criminally precarious contents will be passed by us to justice.
  • Contributions with commercial contents, advertisement and particulary advertisement for competition products is forbidden.
  • Do not cross-post the same question to multiple places.
  • Do not post „one word“ contributions (e.g.: "lol" or "right")
  • Offensive, or ambiguous user names are in principle unacceptable and will be deleted without a reason.
  • Ignorance does not protect you of the consequences. Each user is personally responsible  to get familiar with the rules and stick with them.
  • We reserve the right to close accounts with offences against rules or disturbance of the forum service without preliminary warning.

  • We point out specifically,  that we are a side, which is to connect and not split.
    Discussion: Thessaloniki vs. Athens, Paok vs. Aris, Greek vs. Turks or similar, just in  sense of defamation or insulting are in principle forbidden. User who start such discussion or abuse such, will be banned without preliminary warning!
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