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Author Topic: To be continued 2....  (Read 4953 times)


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To be continued 2....
« on: 05. September 2007, 15:45:13 »

(I found "to be continued..." topic real good.So lets try another story....but now we are gonna start from the end!!;))

....I didn't saved her....but at least i had my 30.000 euro back and the car that my neighboor stole from me...when the paramedics came i tried to hide the scratch in the back of my head and I was lucky that my girlfriend Sonia didn't go to the meeting!
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Re: To be continued 2....
« Reply #1 on: 05. September 2007, 16:00:21 »

....finally I took my car back and now i'm going to save her.The scratch in my head is bleeding.I opened the drivers draw and i was suprised!Inside the draw were my 30.000 euro.I was driving fast.When I get there she was already dead....I didn't saved her....


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Re: To be continued 2....
« Reply #2 on: 06. September 2007, 09:59:36 »

(i really dig this, but how to start the story backwards, its a little hard and how do i work my imagination  ???) think i will stick to the first 'to-be-continued) 

Note: now im really addicted to this channel! 8)
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