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Author Topic: bauletti gucci  (Read 682 times)


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bauletti gucci
« on: 26. May 2014, 23:10:00 »

锘? Predictions for This Year's Super Bowl Broadcast
Analysis: How many times will CBS let Boomer Esiason impersonator Phil Simms recite a minute long speech on how a field goal is worth three points before they take him out behind the A/V truck and squeeze a round off into his fake blond hairdo? Apparently, upwards of 18 week one of the regular season, Simms has bestowed viewers with nuggets of meaningless bullshit like, "Give the ball to what's his name," and "Don't let them dink and dunk." If that's the kind of expert analysis he'll be offering during the Super Bowl, America will learn more about the ins and outs of football from watching another ad about how awesome Diet Pepsi is.
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3. I have been wanting to read Little Bee because just about every review is positive. The other day I was picking up my n hold?items at the library and happened to see it on the shelf. Sweet! But I decided to take a closer look in person, just to make sure the book still seemed worth the extra weight in my bag, and I read the jacket copy, and then I got so angry I wanted to punch someone. Here it is: