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Author Topic: zanotti refrigerazione  (Read 650 times)


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zanotti refrigerazione
« on: 27. May 2014, 18:27:05 »

TL:DR Don worry about how much your product costs if it working for you. Like I was the girl who was stopped by random people just to tell me about how good my skin was. Was being the key word here. This past summer (after I turned 21) my skin broke out like freaking crazy. I don know what exactly triggered it but one thing I changed is that I started eating more healthily (I used to eat chips daily, fried foods, microwave dinners, basically anything I craved I bought in huge portions). Maybe that caused a hormonal imbalance?
I used Mary Kay products my whole skincare life (added Shiseido suncream at 16 and vitamin C serum at 19 20) for the only reason that my mom sold them so it was free. But obviously they were not working anymore (sadness). I also had some scarring from my pimples so I set out to find good products. Into my quest I started learning about "green" beauty so I thought I should also find a product that was not a sea of harmful chemicals. I don want to write a book but I found a line called Yuli. Massively expensive so I looked into them and they are pure in the ingredients they use (check them out if you get a chance!). Took me about a month to muster up the courage to spend $50+ on a cleanser and almost $100 on a serum. It been about 3 days since I started my new routine and I am already seeing a noticeable difference. It is SOOO good. Every morning and night I would get up and just stare in the mirror analyzing every blotch. My self esteem was pretty crushed.
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