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Author Topic: chanel bags  (Read 726 times)


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chanel bags
« on: 28. May 2014, 08:25:24 »

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lol ok first of all i can afford the real ones but my thing is this, i have been to the coach stores and when i have walked in i have carried some fake coach purse and even the people there did not know the difference!! soo why pay all the extra money. i do own a few real ones as well as some fakes ones and to be honest i like the fake ones just as much as the real ones. lol anyways im about to have a purse party with d , chanel, coach prada, etc etc there are some nice sunglasses and matching wallets as well. it will be around mid february. so in all honesty anyone that wants to carry the replicas is smarter than the ones that buy the real ones because it is stupid to pay all that money when the replicas look as good. so make fun. look at what area u live in and wonder this. about 95% of these purses you see on the streets are replicas but until i have a purse party here are some spots u might like . caribean tan in bluefield va the nail store next to wal mart in bluefield va and there is an auction house in tazewell va check these spots out and if u want to post ur email i will contact u when i have the purse party lots of nice things at a discount price!! thanks a bunch!!
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