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Author Topic: 48th Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2007  (Read 5227 times)


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48th Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2007
« on: 01. October 2007, 12:42:49 »

From November 16th - November 25th, 2007

The Thessaloniki International Film Festival celebrates this year its 48th anniversary in the capital of northern Greece, a city which is situated in the cross-roads of the multiple exchanges between Europe and Asia and stands as the cultural meeting place of southern Europe and the Balkans.
The Official Section consists of competition and out-of-competition selections as well as of special screenings.
The International Competition Section, programmed by festival director Michel Demopoulos, caters to first or second features by new and emerging filmmakers.
Fourteen to sixteen feature films will vie for the two main awards: the Golden and the Silver Alexander, carrying respectively Euros 36,700 and 22,000 purses, to be awarded by a seven-member international jury.
The Film Critics world-wide body, FIPRESCI, will again install its own Jury.
The cutting edge roster of the New Horizons information program, conducted by Dimitri Eipides, will offer a 30 plus titles-strong selection highlighting the newest, most daring trends in independent world-wide film production.


ARTICLE 1: The “Thessaloniki International Film Festival” takes place every year in Thessaloniki. The Festival features the work of young film directors from all over the world, establishing Thessaloniki as a meeting place between filmmakers and Greek audiences. This year the 48th Festival is to be held from the 16th to 25th of November 2007. The Thessaloniki International Film Festival is accredited by FIAPF and pledges to uphold and apply its International Regulations.

ARTICLE 2: The following sections are included within the framework of the Festival.
Official international competition for first and second full-length feature films.
Official non-competitive section for Greek films produced in 2006-2007.
The international informative section “Independence Days”, a panorama of films from around the world.
Retrospectives and Tributes devoted to the work of new and leading international filmmakers.
A special section dedicated to films from the Balkan region under the name “Balkan Survey”.
Out of Competition and Special Screenings sections
A Co-production Forum and a Film Market.
The Balkan Film Fund, the Thessaloniki International Film Festival script development fund.

ARTICLE 3: The films that meet the following conditions are eligible to participate in the competition section:
is a director’ s first or second feature film
has been produced in the 18 months preceding the Festival
has not been released in Greece
must be in a standard 16mm, 35mm or Digital Beta format
has a running time of over 60 minutes.

ARTICLE 4: The Director of the Festival selects and invites the films participating in the competition section. He/she also schedules the screening timetable. In his/her selection work, the Director may be assisted by advisors of his/her choice. For the selection of the films DVDs and VHS videocassettes in the PAL or NTSC systems are accepted. These VHS tapes or DVDs are only returned if the sender requests them. Cassettes and DVDs remaining in Greece will be destroyed two months after the end of the Festival. The Festival reserves the right to either use electronic subtitles (not on the print) or should it be necessary, simultaneous translation. All Greek directors' first or second films that have been selected by the National Selection Committee to participate in the non competitive section of Greek films are automatically entitled to participate in the International Competition section. A maximum of three such films may be selected by a specially appointed committee.

ARTICLE 5: In order to enter a film in the International Competition section of the Festival, an entry form should be duly completed, containing the names of all the main contributors of the film, a brief synopsis, technical data and the director’s biofilmography, as well as a declaration stating that it is a first or second film.
ARTICLE 6: The films participating in the Thessaloniki International Film Festival should be presented in their original version with English subtitles. A dialogue list in English or French must also be sent to the Festival in due time, together with a VHS tape or a DVD for subtitling purposes.

ARTICLE 7: The Festival Board appoints seven leading figures of the film industry to form the Jury of the International Competition. The Jury is composed of one Greek citizen and six foreign personalities from around the world. The President of the Jury, as well as his/her substitute, are appointed by the Director of the Festival.
The Director of the Festival may participate in the International Jury’s meetings but has no vote. The Secretary of the Jury is selected by the Director of the Festival. The decisions of the Jury are made with open ballot, by simple majority.
Anyone having any connection with the films participating in the competition section cannot be part of the International Jury.

ARTICLE 8: The Jury must award the following prizes:
Best Full-length Feature Film Award (Golden Alexander)
Special Jury Award (Silver Alexander)
Best Director Award
Best Screenplay Award
Best Actor Award
Best Actress Award
Best Artistic Achievement Award

Only one of these awards may be given ex aequo.
The Jury may moreover award a maximum of two mentions.
The Best Full-length Feature Film award and the special Jury Award are accompanied by a cash prize of 37.000 Euros and 22.000 Euros respectively, which are provided by sponsors and awarded ex aequo to the director and the producer.
The prizes are paid in Euros.
The Festival would like that a digital beta copy of the Golden and Silver Alexander winners be made (at the Festival’s expense) for its archives.  It is understood that the Festival will not make any copies or digitalisation of the films without the consent of the producers or duly empowered representatives.  It is also possible that these digital video copies will be screened at non-commercial, free venues, but only with the prior written consent of the films’ producer or his duly empowered representative. 

ARTICLE 9: During the Festival no public screening in Greece of any of the films participating is permitted before the official screening organized by the Festival.

ARTICLE 10: The deadline for entry forms is September 14th, 2007. The deadline for the arrival of the material described in article 5 and 6 of these regulations is September 21st, 2007.

ARTICLE 11: All transportation costs incurred in sending the print to and from Greece must be borne by the entity or individual(s) registering the film for participation. In case the shipment takes place to/from other festivals, standard practices of cost sharing will apply.
The Festival Organization will be liable for insuring the film once inside the Festival area, from the moment of its arrival to the Festival or its transport agent until its return.
Damage to the film print must be reported to the Festival in writing within a month after its return and before its next screening. All the claims will be judged by the reported state of the print. The Festival’s liability in case of whole or partial destruction of a print during the Festival cannot exceed the value of 3.000 Euros.

ARTICLE 12: The Director of the Festival will rule in accordance with the international regulations on all points not foreseen in this document. In case of dispute, only the Greek version of the Festival’s regulations is considered valid.

ARTICLE 13: Participation in the “Thessaloniki International Film Festival” implies acceptance of these regulations.REGULATIONS

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Re: 48th Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2007
« Reply #1 on: 19. October 2007, 21:29:28 »

The major dedication of the Thesssaloniki Film Festival “Immigration in the Greek cinema 1956-2006” will be hosted in various cities of the American continent, it was announced on Monday.
Major points of the dedication is Yale University, Chicago and Toronto, where at the same time of the projection, the exhibition “The Greeks of the Diaspora 15th-21st Centuries", which was inaugurated in the Greek Parliament on December 2006, will also be presented.
The first stop in America is Chicago, where the dedication is being held in cooperation with the Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center, the Gene Siskel Film Center and the Chicago Greek Film Festival. The premiere will be on Tuesday and the projections will continue during the period between November 2-9 (Gene Siskel Film Center, Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center).
The dedication at Yale University will take place between October 18-21, while at the same time, the conference of the Modern Greek Studies Association will be held.

Source: Hellinic News of America, Octobre 17th 2007


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Re: 48th Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2007
« Reply #2 on: 07. November 2007, 18:38:05 »

The new homepage of the 48th International Filmfestival launched yesterday (06.11.2007): (GR) (EN)

simultaneously has been updated.

your Tubbi
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