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Author Topic: chanel online shop  (Read 2124 times)


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chanel online shop
« on: 29. May 2014, 19:30:54 »

A federal judge in California is expected soon to approve settlement of a class action lawsuit by consumers against a variety of department stores and makeup manufacturers accusing the industry of conspiring to set artificially high prices on "prestige" beauty products.If approved, anybody who bought high end department store cosmetics, skin care treatments or perfume in the last 10 years would be entitled to a free gift: a cosmetic product worth $18 to $25, no purchase necessary.The distribution would not likely begin until next year and consumers would not need to produce a receipt. Manufacturers have yet to decide what will be given, but say that it will be nice.Local stores involved in the deal include Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Bon Macy's, Gottschalk's, Emporium and Target.The lawsuit started in 1998, when a San Francisco lawyer read an article about how consumers couldn't get discounts from the beauty counters at department stores."We thought there was something about that," said , chairman of a large committee of lawyers representing consumers in the case.According to court papers, manufacturers such as L'Oreal, Estee Lauder and Chanel pay for department store counters, demonstrations, advertising and salespeople's salaries and commissions. In return, the stores agree to sell products at the manufacturers' suggested retail price. Additionally, manufacturers guaranteed that the stores would make a margin equal to 40 percent of the retail price. They would also buy back any unsold products from the stores to make sure that there would never be any markdowns.This practice, lawyers alleged, keeps luxury cosmetics prices high; consumers would pay less for these products if stores were forced to compete head to head.Though they have agreed to settle, stores and manufacturers deny any wrongdoing in selling luxury cosmetics.Nordstrom, which will participate in the cosmetics giveaway, does not engage in price fixing, spokeswoman said. "We take these types of allegations very seriously," she said.She said that the store signed the agreement to avoid a long and costly trial.Federated Department Stores, the parent company of The Bon Macy's, declined to say anything about the litigation while court action is pending.Spokespeople for Estee Lauder and L'Oreal, two of the larger manufacturers named in the lawsuit, said that consumers will not likely notice a change in the way cosmetics are sold in department stores.Saveri said he hopes that assessment is wrong."We hope there will be change," he said. "We've noticed (through advertisements) that some discounts are starting to appear."The majority of these so called "prestige cosmetics" cost the same whether a Seattle shopper steps into Nordstrom or The Bon Macy's, but there are some differences.
锘緾osmetic makers settle beauty of a lawsuit
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