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« on: 29. May 2014, 22:49:42 »

Shirley MacLaine considers herself too cheap to buy Chanel, doesn't do a French accent and probably wouldn't have wanted to dine with legendary designer Coco Chanel. ET/PT).
MacLaine says she would like to delve deeper into Chanel's experiences on the big screen someday. (French actress Audrey Tautou will play the designer in a film due next year.) For now, the outspoken advocate for everything from civil rights to spiritual understanding keeps busy with other acting projects, writing and a new craft.
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Chanel Allure for women is a strong scent for the woman of character and distinction. Chanel Allure for woman is displayed in a light golden colored liquid with a distinct glass bottle that will display nicely in a any perfume collection. I would recommend for a woman to wear this scent for a special occasion like a ball, awards banquet or a formal group setting. It is by far the perfume that will seem to last on a woman the most. Its fragrance is long enduring and will give of a lasting impression through out the day and night. You will not need to re apply with this one. The scent is nice but it provokes a demeanor of a strong minded woman that knows what she wants in life. Allure for women is definitely not for the weak hearted at all. I wouldn't recommend this perfume to young people as it is more intended for the ages of 30 and up. I like strong scented perfume for women, for it gives character and a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction. The scent is not that of a bad or foul fragrance by any means. It has the reputation and popularity of being one of the top designer fragrance in the world for women.
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Please state the item name, brand, condition (is it opened? How much of it is left? Do you have the original packaging?), size (weight or dimension),
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Getting your TV for free over the air is back in style. Some people are cutting out cable because they need to save money, and they've found they can watch hundreds of their favorite shows online. Others are surprised to learn that they can get high definition programming from all the major networks by using an antenna.